Watch Series Online Free Proxies & Mirror – Alternative New Domain 2023

Best proxy sites to unblock Watch Series stream movies. new domain 2023 & alternative to watch free TV Shows. What happened to watchseries online? Find Sites like Watch Series for full episodes.

Most popular free movie streaming websites on the internet are getting banned on the day by day basis. It’s all due to copyright infringement from the various countries’ laws and regulations. One of the famous websites in this category is known as Watch Series (, also called If you are a Movie or Series lover, then you obviously heard about the TheWatchSeries website and its popularity among thousands of internet users.

Watch Series Online Free Proxies & Mirror – WatchSeries Alternative Unblock

Watchseries is a rare free movie streaming website that provides an attractive ad-free interface along with bundles of trending movies and TV shows. Yes! you can watch free movies and TV shows in full HD by becoming a regular Watch Series user. But do you know that? These days the site has been disappeared from the internet.

WatchSeries has many similar kind of domains/websites as like;,, watchseries.ic,,, watchseries cc,,,,, www.watchseries.arg,,,, unblocked & so on. So don’t be confused with this website domains. These all are proxies and mirror websites belong to the list of watch series new domain 2020. Some of them are working or some are not.

  • Shocking to hear about the sudden disappearance of the website.
  • You also are searching on the internet like what happened to watchseries online? 
  • What is watchseries alternative available or watchseries new site?

I think your search results will be fulfilled hereafter finding all the answers to your questions related to the watch series website or, a new domain along with lots of alternatives. So you shouldn’t get upset by that. You can always catch up on the missed episodes or watch the series. That has all been possible due to the tremendous development in technology. In today’s world, both entertainment and the internet go hand in hand to entertain you. So there are many platforms available where you can enjoy watching a series for free. CrunchyRoll Premium Accounts also offers some good TV Series

NOTE: We’ll say, It’s not disappeared at all. Because Watch Series is blocked either by ISP or the country’s government in your net connectivity area zones.


Because of hectic work schedules and deadly deadlines, we don’t get enough time for leisure and entertainment so the first thing that many might give up is entertainment. So if you are a regular series lover then there might come many occasions where you would have missed episodes and thereby lost continuity. Before you continue, please know that you can also get free netflix account.

A very simple and good-looking design makes this website this website perfect. If users are looking for the most-watched series and tv shows, then they can find it directly on the front page. One of the best specialty about this website is, “most relevant results while searching for any query related to movies and tv series.” Meanwhile, the website search engine is very smooth and accurate for almost any query that you make. Just a little effort you have to do before surfing and watching your favorite series here. You need a BitTorrent client like uTorrent installed on your PC to watch through it without any hurdles.

  • NOTE: new domain is also included in the list. Most of the popular free streaming sites that are getting banned and in the process of termination due to copyright infringement.


As you know there are many other websites which also offer all the latest TV shows and movies that you want. Some of them do charge some nominal amount while some websites offer it for free. But, while looking at all of this you might not neglect the fact that there might be some issues that you faced while watching the series, such as getting poor video quality or say any interruptions coming in between like many advertisements which had been a barrier in your fun. And, after downloading apps and not getting to watch what you wanted is quite very distressing. So, WatchSeries is one of the very good platforms, where you can get all you want just by searching for it.


  • WatchSeries is considered one of the best for watching series online. Not only popular TV series can be found in Watch Series, but also many classic TV shows.
  • It also gets loaded quickly which looks like one of the most satisfying features for preferring watchseries.
  • This site is one of those unique streaming websites that provide tons of movies, series, and TV shows all for free. And, the most attractive part is that it has a completely ad-free interface which would be liked by everyone. Because all of us would hate that coming in between.
  • And, also its user interface is easy. You just have to type your missed series or missed episode in that search bar and boom you get all you want.


Just like genuine and popular websites, this site also provides features such as tracking your favorite series, video links, etc. Also, you can let all your friends know what you are watching by just allowing them to share that information on social media. Isn’t that amazing? We nowadays are social bugs and all we want is a good series of suggestions so this would be the best medium to know and share about your favorite series or that episode you have been searching for the past few days!

Also, the user interface is so alphabetically organized and categorized that would help you to search for series even faster. Also, you can know the list of seasons, i

ts IMDB ratings, and also the content quality is mentioned for you to select easily.

And, there comes another amazing feature; if you are a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, or Indian movie lover you’ll get almost series available in the dubbed language. i.e.English. This is the reason, why everyone across the world loves watching watchseries.


In the current digital world, we are restricted by the government in the digital network (.i.e.INTERNET). It is totally a correct decision made by the government for our safety against FRAUD or Illegal activities. As we all know whenever we visit any torrent site we always have a question would it be “safe,” or other things might be that you don’t have access to the site due to governmental restrictions?

So what we can do? Whenever you access torrent sites, you need to be a little careful. Nowadays proxy site is risky (Due to which our government blocked these proxy sites and torrent sites too) this may leak your information like your IP address.  So carefully follow the steps below to access watch series proxy sites safely. So here are the steps of how to access it:


TOR (THE ONION ROUTER), is open-source software (anonymous communication). It is a group of individual networks which helps us unblock torrent sites anonymously. It works just like a VPN (a virtual private network).


VPN helps us in different ways like:

  • We can secure our connection in public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • It is also useful for entertainment purposes like you can switch to VPN and unlock a website like a watch IP Tv, or also unblock Netflix or Instagram.
  • Most important is you can also hide your IP and protect yourself from being caught.
  • Also, you can watch sensitive websites.

It is secure and much safest compared to any other method. As the proxy site doesn’t come with security it can be tracked easily. VPNs are not tracked, but yes they can be tracked with government authority.

Here’s one of the best VPNs you can use to stream via Watch Series. Download VPN software, and follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Once the VPN is installed. Run the software and enable it.

  • Step 2: You are now fully secured.  Now, Click on one of the links of Watch series proxy/Mirror sites that I have mentioned below:

  • Step 3: The browser will open the unblocked version of the Watch This way you can enjoy your favorite TV series site.

Also, we will discuss many other alternatives that you can have other than watchseries. But this can be a wonderful time as we all are doing ‘work at home. So, all you can do is “Watch Series on watchseries and Sit, Back, Relax, Chill.”

Grab this opportunity and watch all that you have been missing in those busy hectic days. Just be at your home and watchseries will provide you with all the episodes and series you have been waiting to be watched! So be ready with your watchlist!!


Here is the list of 30+ Watch Series Unblocked Proxy Websites & Mirrors which are on different domains. Also, can determine as clone websites of Watch Series. They have the same content, database & index as compared to the main website of WatchSeries. Now, you must be thinking about updating these websites with the latest content. For your knowledge, these WatchSeries unblock proxies, and mirrors are maintained by WatchSeries staff or volunteers on a regular basis. They all want to provide you new watch series website experience containing free movie streaming new domain website stuff along with Watch Series unblocked access to the whole world. So, you’ll get updated with the latest streaming stuff and updates in these Watch Series unblocked clone sites too.

  • NOTE: If the main domain of the Watch Series is blocked, you can browse any of these below proxies or mirror websites to access the contents of the Watch Series without any problem. Click on any of the links below to visit Watch Series alternatives and access blocked content.
Watch Series Proxy/MirrorStatusSpeed
My Watch Series = [LINK]ONLINEVery Fast
Watch Series Proxy = [LINK]ONLINEFast
WatchSeries Proxy = [LINK]ONLINEVery Fast
WatchSeries Unblock = [LINK]ONLINEFast
Watchseries Proxy = [LINK]ONLINENormal
Watch Series Alternative = [LINK]OFFLINEN/A
Watch Series proxy unblocked = [LINK]ONLINENormal [LINK]ONLINEVery Fast
https://watchseries.unlocked.lolOFFLINEN/A [LINK]ONLINENormal [LINK]ONLINESlow [LINK]ONLINENormal [LINK]ONLINENormal [LINK]ONLINESlow
WatchSeries Free UK Unblock [LINK]ONLINEFast [LINK]ONLINESlow [LINK]ONLINEFast
WatchSeries Unblocked Proxy [LINK] Unblock WatchSeries MirrorONLINEFast



Sometimes it may happen that some system bugs make the site break down. At this time, we need to find other TV series online watching websites as an alternative to The Watch Series. Looking for some watch series alternatives? Below, We’ve collected a list of sites like the Watch series. In fact, some of these sites are possibly better than the watch series, in some aspects. Look at them now-


Tubi TV  is a free online TV show watching an alternative to Watch Series. It has less amount of system bugs and has rich television sources. People can watch it at a smooth speed and would love to watch as it always runs fast. Tubi TV is an extremely good choice as an alternative to the watch series for recently updated TV episodes.

Tubitv is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple Tv, Amazon Fire Tv, Xfinity x1, Xbox, and PlayStations as well. Find the TubiTV website here.


It is another best platform you people can visit if you are a hardcore movie lover. Popcornflix offers movies and tv shows, including all the contents you can watch on a Tv. Find the PopcornFlix website here.


As we’ve already discussed in the detail about CouchTuner and Its Alternatives in our previous article. This website is very user-friendly and has all the TV shows. These are frequently updated. Also like other sites, here also no prior registration is required. Just visit the Couchtuner website and watch all the favorite shows you love. In some countries such as Australia, Canada, this website may not work due to certain restrictions. So, it may be beyond the reach of many. You can find one of the Couch Tuner proxy websites here.


TVMuse is a free movie database, watch your favorite tv show links, movies links, documentaries, anime, and cartoons for free. This keeps giving you suggestions so if you do not have anything to watch you can go up with suggestions and continue watching the latest TV episodes. It has a tremendous amount of show resources for you. Find the TV Muse website here.


This is one of the very trending ones which almost everyone would be aware of. This has especially become very popular in India because it offers great features as compared to watch series. For example, let’s say all popular series shown in HBO channels can be watched on Hotstar as well as also the very popular and loved series .i.e. Game of Thrones, Human, LOKI, Mayanagari-City of Dreams, Paatal Lok, Criminal Justice, Kanpuriye, Hostages Season 1 & 2, The Office & Office 2, Roar of the Lion, Out of Love, Special Ops & so on can also be watched.  Find the Hotstar website here.

Also not only this much but to its addition it also lets you enjoy by offering movies, songs, videos, etc. It is very user-friendly with everything well categorized. So that the viewer does not have to surf through links and links to get their favorite series. Just a search of a series name and they will get what they need.


  • 1. Dare Me (USA)
  • 2. Cheer (Netflix)
  • 3. Little America (Apple TV+)
  • 4. The Good Place Series Finale (NBC)
  • 5. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)
  • 6. McMillions (HBO)
  • 7. Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet (Apple TV+)
  • 8. High Fidelity (Hulu)
  • 9. Better Call Saul
  • 10. Babylon Berlin (Netflix)
  • 11. The Plot Against America (HBO)
  • 12. Unorthodox (Netflix)
  • 13. The Good Fight
  • 14. What We Do in the Shadows
  • 15. Mrs. America
  • 16. The Last Dance
  • 17. Never Have I Ever
  • 18. Normal People
  • 19. Dead to Me
  • 20. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend


  • 1. The Witcher (TV Series)
  • 2. Dark (TV Series)
  • 3. Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series)
  • 4. Unbelievable 2019 ‧ Season 1 (miniseries)
  • 5. The Family 2019 ‧ Documentary ‧ Season 1 (miniseries)
  • 6. Better Call Saul Season 4 (TV Series)
  • 7. The Order (TV Series)
  • 8. John Wick (Film)
  • 9. The Good Place Season 3 (TV Series)
  • 10. Avengers Endgame (Film)
  • 11. One Punch Man Season (TV Series)
  • 12. Brooklyn 99
  • 13. NCIS Season 1-17 (TV Series)
  • 14. Immortals Season 1 (2018 TV Series)
  • 15. Jane the Virgin Season 1-5 (TV Series)
  • 16. Shameless Season 9 (TV Series)

& so on.

So, take your time in finding the best free movie website that can be helpful to put in the list of top Watch Series alternatives. And, Yes! Don’t forget to suggest it in the comments below.

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