How to Reset Arris Router – Arris Router Default Login Password (Suddenlink / Spectrum / Xfinity) | Troubleshooting

Arris International Limited i.e. ARRIS is an American telecommunications hardware equipment manufacturing company located in Wales and England that manufactures cable operators with data, video, and telephony systems for businesses and homes. The two telephony modems of this company are TM402P and TM502G. Among other data-transfer products and telecommunications, the firm also produces the SBG6580 wireless cable modem-and-router (residential gateway) unit.

For setting up the arris router for the first time you need to connect your router to your computer or Laptop LAN and follow the below-given steps to access the Arris router login page.

How to Reset Arris Router – Arris Router Default Login Password (Suddenlink / Spectrum / Xfinity) | Troubleshooting

Reasons to Login

The login process is only needed to set up the modem or router. It manages the network by connecting through the Arris router IP. To manage the network settings or to reset the IP you may require login in some cases.

Most users, however, will log in to the initial setup and the modem will run without any issuing for a very lengthy time. It helps to document the login process and keep that paper under the modem for this reason. This will save a remarkable number of times when matters arise.

Reset Arris Router Default Login Password
Reset Arris Router Default Login Password

If an IP conflict occurs, the login process is used to reset the IP address. This would happen when many devices are crossing the network. You may also require to reset the password for security purposes. While resetting the password is not a common need, it can help save your network. Always reset the password if untrusted sources have been granted temporary access to the network as well.


How to Log in to an Arris Router?

Your Arris router login is useful for performing router setup and configuration, enabling or disabling guest WiFi networks, securing your wireless network, and more.

This document will show you how to log into your router or modem using the Arris router IP and Arris router default password.

Connect to your Arris network

1. Connect to your wireless or wired network using your phone or computer.

2. Open a web browser and visit your router’s IP

3. Type or paste the following into your browser:

4. Admin panel can be connected by using this Arris router IP address.

5. If that address doesn’t work, try one of these alternate Arris IPs, in order:

6. Enter the default Arris router password

Use the default Arris password and username below to connect:

Username: admin

Password: password

Someone might have changed the login credentials this doesn’t work. If this is the case, you simply need to reset your router to factory defaults.

Computer/Laptop LAN IP Configuration

  • To access the Arris router IP address you need to configure PC LAN IP to DHCP or Static IP address to the same series of Arris modem router Default IP.
  • From the Control Panel – open the Network and Sharing Center option.
  • Go to change adapter settings and then go to Ethernet properties.
  • After that, go to TCP/IPv4 properties and then select the option to obtain an IP address automatically. 
  • Or else you can use static IP Address if your arris default IP is 
  • If your arris default IP address is then uses in your computer LAN.
  • From the web browser Login to Arris WiFi router.
  • For setting up arris routers open a search engine such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome and then type into the URL and then hit the enter key.
  • For login username use “admin” and for password use “password”.

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ReInitializing your modem’s settings can make a huge difference and can result in noteworthy intensification in its performance.

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Arris router password to be more secured?

To enable or disable network access or to perform any router configuration setup and improve security actions, your Arris router login is a useful asset. Regardlessly, you need to access the Arris login gateway.

Through these complete instructions, we will guide yo

u on how to use the Arris router login and Arris default password.


  • An Arris modem or router
  • Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet connection
  • Any slim tool like a pen(that is required to push the reset button)
  • This is all you will require to change the router settings. The process is quite very easy and straightforward.

Arris Login Steps

Your router’s control panel is the Arris router web interface. For any changes that you need in your device settings, you need to first log in to your Arris router. We will provide you with three simple steps for an Arris router login below.

Connect To the Arris Network

You must stay connected to its network to set up any router. You can go to the setup pages of the Arris router either through a WiFi connection or an Ethernet cable. Using your computer or phone you can connect to either of these wired or wireless networks.

If you don’t know the Arris router password, We suggest you use an Ethernet cable as it won’t need any password. Nevertheless, if you are using a WiFi connection, then locate your WiFi key and your SSID(.i.e.Network name) and connect to that network on your device. Both these credentials are printed on a sticker located either on the side or on the front of the router.

Navigate To Your Router IP

Open any search engine(say web browser) and enter the router IP in the address bar. For different router models, there might be a chance that the router IP address is not the same. In most common cases the Router IP is either or So you can directly copy paste these links into the address bar and it will redirect you to access the administrator setting panel: 

Enter the Default Login Information

In the username and password detail fields, enter the printed values on the sticker that is on either side. i.e. On the side or bottom of your router. Don’t give up hope if you cannot find the sticker. You can search for the list of default Arris usernames and passwords for different router models below.

Once you are done with entering the correct credentials, click the Sign In or Enter button.

This is where you finish the Arris login process and then it redirects you to the router control panel. You can now have the benefits of the customer router configurations.

If The Login Fails

If the login fails, you are likely entering the wrong username or password. Losing these credentials is not unusual, especially if you have changed them in the past. However, you are in luck, if the modem has not been customized with unique login credentials. Many modem models come with a default username and password.

Try the username “Admin” and for the password, use either “password,” “1234” or leave the space blank. Also, it is worth checking the label on the bottom of your modem. The label has the right credential information for some models or you can directly reset the router by the below-given steps:

How to Reset Arris Routers?

An Arris router reset has its own benefits, but there is one critical aspect that you cannot neglect. When you reset your device settings, all the previous changes you made will be cleared.

Arris makes it simple by providing two distinct approaches for its customer to reset their device setting. Both the methods are provided below with their steps to completely reset the device settings.

Using the Reset Button


Most Arris routers can be reset using the reset button at the bottom of the device. Go through the user manual, If you are facing a tough time locating the reset button. This manual includes each and every detail regarding the Arris login, and Arris router reset procedures, including the position of the reset button.

Search for the Reset button on your device and if you are unable to find it then search online for your router model.

Once you find the button, then press and hold it for at least 15 seconds (You may need that slim tool mentioned above like a pen or a paperclip as you may find it difficult to reach with your fingers. This is what most manufacturers manage to do to avoid pressing the button by mistake.)Wait for the reset process to finish and that’s all.

This is an easy and simpler way for resetting your Arris router.


If the above method is not working fine with you, then use this next technique below for an Arris router reset.

  • Log in to the Arris router using the Router IP of your model.
  • Locate the interface labeled Utilities. This may be different depending on your router model.
  • Go to the factory reset option and then reset the device default settings.
  • Wait till the Arris router reset finishes and that’s it.

Using the above two straightforward approaches, you can reset your Arris router successfully. And then move to the Arris login approach.

Configuring Your Arris Router

Once you are logged in to the Arris admin interface, you can make any changes that you require from the available settings. But be cautious not to break the connection while messing up with the factory settings of your router.

Be cautious when you configure your router so that you don’t interrupt the network.

We suggest you write down all the current settings before making any kind of change. This lets you revert easily to any kind of settings in case anything goes wrong.

What if my Arris router or network stops working after a configuration change?

In case you commit a  mistake and make some change that interrupts your Arris home network, you can always go back to the initial state by following the generic 30 30 30 hard reset trick.

This is usually the last resort, and if you still have access to the Arris interface you can always login to try and revert the settings first (This of course assumes you wrote down the original value before changing it).

Wireless Settings Screenshot

View Recommended Wireless settings, in case you are uncertain what settings you should be using to make your wireless network.

Note: It is NOT recommended to “disable” the Arris Wireless security. It will permit others to gain access to your network and could cause a potential security risk to personal folders, files, documents and allow others to contribute to your bandwidth usage.

Recommended Wireless Settings

These are settings that are recommended if you are uncertain what settings you should select.

Enable Wireless: Checked

Wireless Network Name (SSID): ‘Choose a name that you can identify’

Broadcast Network Name (SSID): Checked

Tx Power Level: High

Channel: Auto

Language: English

Security Mode: WPA/WPA2-PSK**

Encryption Algorithm: TKIP AES

Pre-Shared Key: ‘Select a password that you can remember

WPS Enable: Checked

Encryption Mode: PBC

Note: Some devices may not be compatible with this recommended setting and may require a lower quality setting such as WPA-PSK or WEP.

Connecting other devices via Wireless

You can manually enter in the security Passphrase or Network Key. For doing this, it will depend on your operat

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ing system.

Windows 7

  • Click Signal Strength Icon next to the clock on the start bar.
  • Choose “ARRIS-XXXX”.
  • Click Connect.
  • Enter your passphrase. (Information on obtaining or changing your passphrase.)

Windows Vista

  • Click Start.
  • Click Connect to.
  • Choose “ARRIS-XXXX”
  • Click Connect.
  • Enter your passphrase. (Information on obtaining or changing your passphrase.)

Windows XP

  • Click Start
  • Click Connect to
  • Click on Wireless Network Connection
  • Choose “ARRIS-XXXX” and click Connect
  • Enter your passphrase. (Information on obtaining or changing your passphrase.)


  • Click Wifi Strength Icon In the menu bar next to the time clock.
  • Select and choose “ARRIS-XXXX” from the dropdown list.

Arris Router Passwords

A complete list of usernames and passwords for Arris routers.

Find Your Arris Router Model Number

Look in the left column of the Arris router password list below to find your Arris router model number.

Find Your Arris Router Username

Look at one column to the right of your router model number to see your Arris router’s username.

Find Your Arris Router Password

You know the drill. Look at another column to the right to find your Arris router’s password.

Great! You’ve found the password and username for your Arris router! What next?

  • Login to Your Arris Router Using the Router Password
  • Try logging into your Arris router using the username and password.

Arris Router Password List

NVG595adminprinted on the router label
TG2492LG-VMnoneprinted on the router
VMDG505noneprinted on the router


Accessing Arris Modem Setup

Arris makes a variety of modems and wireless routers that you can use to connect to your internet service provider.In some of the cases you may own your Arris device but in others your ISP(.i.e.Internet service Provider) may rent the router to you.

Regardless, If you have any problem with

your device or need to change the wireless or any other settings, you need to connect to the device.You can do this by accessing the device through your wired or wireless home network by joining to its IP address, Just enter that address into the address bar in your engine, whether on your computer, phone or tablet.

Or, Contact your internet service provider for help or consult your device’s manual if you are not sure what value to use for any particular setting.

 Try rebooting the device or unplugging it for a few minutes so that it can reset itself,if you are facing any problem with your wireless device and you are unable to fix that through the menu.Then,plug it back in.

How Arris Cable Modems Work?

The Arris cable modems are a modern hybrid made specifically to serve the streaming markets.A high speed internet connection is required as more and more people are watching television and movies through streaming services.

This connection is supplied by a fiber optic cable that is connected to a wireless router or modem. Arris has the modem that hooks up straight  to the cable while transmitting the wireless signal to the television and any other connected devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones.

The Arris cable modem is made to provide a high speed connection to ensure that the streaming services receive the maximum quality display without any hurdles. The SURFboard modems are made for this particular motive but they also make numerous other wireless routers that function well with high speed connections and streaming services.

Thank you reading till the end.

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