Netgear CAX80 (Nighthawk CAX8) Default Router Login IP & Review

If you are having difficulty to access your Netgear CAX80 (Nighthawk CAX8) Router, then this post will definitely help you to find out the solutions. Netgear CAX80 is also represent as Netgear Nighthawk CAX8 AX6000 WiFi Cable Router. You’ll need of the IP of you device along with the username and password before login to Netgear CAX80 router. Now, you must be thinking of finding all of this information. Don’t worry! Guys, just you’ll find IP, username and password information in the Manual of your above mentioned Netgear brand router. But, point is that if you don’t have the manual or do not want to read the complete manual for your router, what will you do now? Here, we’ll provide you the solution to find the default login information in this below guide. You must be connected to the router before proceeding to the router login page.

How to access the Netgear CAX80 router? – Nighthawk CAX8 Login Guide

  • To login to Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Router, Open your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or any other browser) and type the IP Address in the address bar.
  • You should now see the router login runner with 2 text fields where you can type a username and a password.
  • The default username for your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router is admin and the default password is the password.
Netgear CAX80 (Nighthawk CAX8) Default Router Login IP, Username & Password
Netgear CAX80 (Nighthawk CAX8) Default Router Login IP, Username & Password
  • In the login runner of the router’s web browser interface, Enter the username & password, hit “Login”.
  • Now, you should see the Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router control panel. (Remember, you must be at home and connected to home WiFi to do this).
  • And no need to get your breath rates high in case you have changed the username/ word of Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 and forgot them.
  • As you can just reset the Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router by pressing and holding the reset button with a clip for about 15 seconds. 

If still unable to login with your Netgear CAX80 (Nighthawk CAX8) router then try out this method

  • You can try different ID/password combinations to login with your router.
  • These credentials are most popularly used by Netgear routers.
  • In the below list, find the all type of default username and password sets which is usually used by Netgear Router brands.
S. No.UsernamePassword
12admin(specified by the user)
22admin(specified by user)
28(blank)printed on router
29vooWPA key on the label, uppercase


How to change Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Default Login and Password?

Since the security of a network is essential, the first and foremost task is to change the Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router Default Login and Password to be more particular and secure. Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Router Password Tips:

  • Choose a complex and hard-to-guess word for your Netgear that only you can remember.
  • It can be a particular commodity so that you can never forget it.
  • The protection directly depends on the password complexity,

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    and the trouble taken to protect that word on your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router

  • Usability first: Give password for your Netgear Nighthawk CAX8 router that you can remember (usability first).
  • Of course, you can build a strong hash word with special characters, figures, Greek, and Latin.
  • But eventually, you will end up writing it on a stick and putting it on the router, which defeats the purpose.

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Change Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Default WiFi name (SSID) and WiFi Password to enable Network Encryption

Another small suggestion (as it has no impact on security), is to change the Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Dereliction WiFi name (SSID) as it’ll make it more obvious for others to know which network they’re connecting to.

  • Look for Network Name (SSID), this is the WiFi name of your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Router.
  • Don’t use your name, home address, or other particular information (since this isn’t a Facebook status!) in the SSID name.
  • (Mr Paul & Princy) A lot of funny WiFi name suggestions. I’m cheating on my WiFi!, FBI Surveillance Van# 594 (scares down stupid culprits), Lord of the Pings.
  • Once you enter the name of your network, you have to enable WPA2-PSK encryption on your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router. 

NOTE: That’s the strongest encryption standard available for home networks. Enter a new WPAPre-Shared Crucial/ WiFi password – this is the password that you’ll use to connect to your home WiFi. Keep it to 16-20 characters. Don’t use the same word that you used for Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router login!

Looking for Default login IP addresses for your Netgear router?

One type of case has been seen widely using IP addresses login. Obviously, you’ve tried with multiple IPs but nothing is working. It may be the reason because you are not so much aware with the following IPs specifically used for the Netgear router brands. So, you must check out these all known router IPs for the manufacturer Netgear below.


S. No.Default Router IPs
3192.168.0.100 (Link)
5192.168.1.250 (Link)
6192.168.0.227 (Link)
7192.168.0.101 (Link)
8192.168.61.1 (Link)
9Default Router Username and Password
10Forgot Router Password
11192.168.168.168 (Link)
12192.168.0.233 (Link)
13192.168.0.239 (Link)
14192.168.0.230 (Link)
15192.168.0.228 (Link)
16192.168.0.229 (Link)
17192.168.0.224 (Link)
18Default Router IP Address

Some Other IPs you may check out:

Some Extra Tips for your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Router

Update router firmware in Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 and turn on Automatic Updates 

Router software frequently contains critical bugs and security exposures; so it’s important that you turn on Automatic Firmware updates and always keep your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router up-to-date.

  • To turn on Automatic updates, Login to you
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    r Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router.

  • Now, look for the section which contains Automatic updates and turn it” ON”.
  • And, indeed if the router has a bus update, check now and again to make sure it’s working, and the router firmware is out-of-date.

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Security is a nonstop process

  • Just keep in mind to change the passwords frequently or at least formally every 6 months on your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8.
  • You do not want the safety you have worked so hard for to fail just because of ignorance, negligence, or casual shiftlessness!
  • Time for a bulletin on the fridge, folks! We can remind you, however? Enter your comment below! Nope, we aren’t spammers!.

Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Router Reset instructions 

How to Reset the Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 Router

  • To reset the Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router, Turn on the Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router.
  • Look for the reset button. Many routers have a bitsy hole and many others have a reset button.
  • Press the Plant reset button with a straightened paper clip leg or commodity that gets through the bitsy hole, and hold it for about 15 seconds! (till you see all the lights flashing).
  • The Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router will reboot automatically. The unit has been reset and is ready to use.
  • You can start from Step 1 in this order to set it up. 

How to boost Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 WiFi and overcome connectivity issues

  • Place the Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 in a perfect spot 

The perfect spot does it all; be it love or your router! To mileage, the stylish signal, and network connectivity, make sure you keep your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router visible and not facing the wall or behind the curtains 

  • Find a Good Wireless Channel Rather than Bus on your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router 

Bus channels might fail you formerly in a while; believe that you’re smarter than the Netgear router! Find a flawless wireless channel rather than what the router finds automatically. This would ensure that your signal does not interfere with that of your neighbours.

  1. Still, you can see what channels neighbouring Wi-Fi networks are using, If you’re running a Windows-based PC. Press Start> type “ cmd”. Open Command prompt .
  2. In command prompt type ‘netsh’. WLAN show all.
  3. You’ll see a list of all wireless networks and the channels being used in your vicinity. Rather of using “ Bus” for the control channel, Pick the channel that has the smallest hindrance.
  • Check the frequency of Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8

Check if Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 has a binary band, the most generally used band would be2.4 GHz; still, switching to 5 GHz would bring out better results! It depends on your device, however; if you’re running an old lad, you might have to switch back to the conventional 

  • Hardwire gaming consoles/ media pennants into your Netgear Nighthawk router rather than WiFi

Gaming consoles/ media pennants work more when connected through the Ethernet string of Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8; as you might not be moving your Television each over the house, why connect it to the Wi-Fi at all?

The Gaming consoles/ videotape streaming bias flood the network with data. This means that if possible, you should consider hardwiring (using Ethernet string) the bias that tends to consume a lot of bandwidth.

Although, this can sort of defeat the purpose of having wireless networks, it can help your overall network speed of Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 if you can hardwire the bandwidth swillers.

  • Reboot Netgear Routers (any versions) on schedule 

Then is the commodity important to note! On schedule, folks, reboot your Netgear CAX80 Nighthawk CAX8 router! Though routers are built to constantly be running at all times, simple tweaks like regular power cycling (a fancy way of saying, unplugging the power cord and shoving it back over) helps with utmost issues.

Rebooting your Netgear Nighthawk CAX8 can fix Internet connection problems, improve slow-moving connections, and resolve wireless issues altogether. Try unplugging your Netgear modem daily to stay visionary ( Norway reset; always reboot the router) 

Want to Purchase a new NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK Cable Modem Router?


If you want to purchase a newly NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem with Built-in WiFi 6 Router (CAX80) then Buy it from Amazon directly by clicking this link or check the product below.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem with Built-in WiFi 6 Router (CAX80)
NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem with Built-in WiFi 6 Router (CAX80)

This router is Compatible with All Major Cable Providers incl. Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox. It provides Cable P

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lans Up to 6Gbps along with AX6000 WiFi 6 speed and DOCSIS 3.1 facility.


The Netgear Nighthawk is a dual-band router that offers good close-range throughput and a handful of subscription-based network security and parental-control options. It is a mid-range consumer wireless router that supports 802.11ac, you can get reliable coverage for all your WiFi devices with multiple WiFi bands.

This router uses Broadcom 6709 4×4 1Gbps switch, which means that it has the ability to handle more network traffic at once without slowing down your connection. NETGEAR gives you an innovative way to control and monitor your home Wi-Fi from any computer, smartphone, or tablet device using NETGEAR genie Mobile Apps.

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