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Hearthstonetopdecks: You might be looking for some high-quality hearthstone decks or some cheap hearthstone decks. Do not worry, we’ve compiled the list of top hearthstone decks 2022 just for you! We’ve listed the deck Budget wise and tier-wise. Using our list, you can build hearthstone decks from scratch. Let’s get started with the best hearthstone decks.

Some wise men once said, “Sometimes games become so real and precious that it becomes less of a game and more of a realistic situation”.

Hearthstone with time this game is so much evolved and made a huge impact on the game industry that we can see. Because of its platform independence, it was easier to get famous into the market as we know it is available on iOS, windows, and android also and users of any of these platforms cannot be ignored because they are huge in number.


About Hearthstone Decks

Hearthstone is a free online digitalized collectible game of cards. It was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Originally the name is Hearthstone:  Heroes of Warcraft. The first platform was launched on Microsoft Windows & macOS back in 2014 because of its huge audience number but as time passed and technology evolved they also launched ports for android and iOS that year only. This game is platform-independent so it can also be played on cross platforms but the limit that exists is only the geographical location.


Like other card games, this game is also turn-based but with 2 opponents only, the deck size is 30 cards with a unique hero with the superpower. There is also a thing called Mana crystals these are used to use to plant and call minions to attack the enemy to destroy their hero card. If the hero card of the opponent is destroyed by us we have won the game.


By winning any match there are rewards in the form of gold, new cards, and many more in-game prizes. These rewards are used to improve the power of your hearthstone deck and when your deck is upgraded you can easily beat your next opponent.


There are different types of modes in this game that features ranked and casual matches, drafted arena battles, and single-player mode.


As we all know the category of esports is trending in terms of career. Many esports tournaments are organized for hearthstone by the company itself and there are many more private competitions also with a very good amount of prize money.

There is also a category that is streaming on various digital platforms of the gaming community the most favorite nowadays is Youtube gaming. Youtube gaming also generates money with a donation on your account via spectators and a super chat feature by Youtube. You can flaunt your incredible hearthstone deck on twitch and other social media platforms.

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BEST HEARTHSTONE DECKS – Top hearthstone Decks 2022

No matter what your circumstances are in life, a simple card game can make you feel special and give great joy, if only for a few fleeting moments this quote is complete but if you win that game that can make you more special among special people. In this game, a top hearthstone deck can help you to win and that deck will decide that you will be the legend of the month and what will be your win ratio. Your hearthstone deck should be best there should contain no wastage of any unwanted card.

Hearthstone gives us the freedom to show our creativity and put together ideas to shock and defeat our opponents. Some of these ideas end with more success than others, though. With this in mind, it is super useful to have a handy tool that helps you work out which deck is most likely to shoot you up the ladder, or at least go and show your skills to strong players. This is where our List of Hearthstone deck tiers comes into play, as it breaks down the highest win rate decks in the metagame and guides you through how to play each of them.

For the beginning of Ashes of Outland, we are hoping to see a nice, diverse metagame with a load of decks available to play. Of course, Demon Hunter is an exciting new addition, but other classes are getting some really tasty tools too. The meta should settle soon, but here is how it is looking at the moment.

It is important to remember: the highest win-rate hearthstone deck won’t always be the one you see the most success with. We have had far more success recently with the Albatross Priest deck than with the Highlander Hunter deck simply because it is a deck we find more satisfying to play, whereas some might really prefer going for Bomb Warrior. All in all, we recommend you use this Deck Tier List as a guide hub for the decks, but not as gospel on which deck you should always play. It is about having fun at the end of the day, and when you are enjoying yourself, you will win more. We have also got a handy page for the Best Ashes of Outland Budget Decks, so if you are unsure as to whether to go all-in on an archetype, give it a look.

We will be keeping this Top Hearthstone Deck Tier List updated at all times too, so keep an eye over here when meta shifts and upd

ates come about. Given the developer’s recent penchant for making sudden huge changes to the game at the drop of a hat, we are likely in for a dynamic expansion season in Ashes of Outland.

Our Best Budget Ashes of Outland Decks page is well worth glancing at if you are a casual player who still wants to get stuck into the competitive side of things. What is more, our overview of the new Demon Hunter class page should help you work out whether or not Illidan is for you.


1Galakrond WarlockResurrect Priest, Tempo Demon Hunter, Big Druid
2Galakrond RogueDragon Hunter, Highlander Hunter, Spell Druid, Face Hunter, Embiggen Druid, No Minion Spell Mage, Highlander Demon Hunter, Highlander Mage,
Quest Resurrect Priest, Galakrond Shaman
3Highlander PriestGalakrond Rogue, Big Demon Hunter, Token Druid, Zoo Warlock, Pure Paladin
4Secret Stealth RogueHandlock (Hand Warlock), Token Demon Hunter, Beast Hunter, Galakrond Warrior



Aggro decks win by flooding the board with tons of small, cheap minions, beating up their opponents before they can react. This Zoo Warlock deck is the perfect gateway into this ever-popular archetype, giving you the tools to rush down your enemy with an army (or zoo) of small demons that can quickly overwhelm unprepared players. It is also a great way to familiarize yourself with the concept of treating your life total as a resource that is sometimes worth spending, as you use the Warlock is Lifetap hero power to refill your hand at the cost of some health. Knowing when to attack the opponent’s face and when to preserve your own life total by trading minions on the board is crucial to excelling with any aggro deck, and Zoo Warlock (also known as simply Zoolock) is the perfect way to learn.

On early turns, you will summon plenty of minions that have above-average stats for their cheap cost, like Voidwalker, Flame Imp, and Saronite Taskmaster. Soul Infusion can beef up these minions even further and excels when combined with Doubling Imp for twice the boosted stats. But your biggest plays revolve around Scarab Egg, which should be sacrificed ASAP to EVIL Genius or Grim Rally for a huge board advantage thanks to its bug-spawning deathrattle effect.

If your opponent does manage to clear the board, you can instantly reload with a well-timed Rafaam’s Scheme after it has built up power in your hand (which also works great with Knife Juggler). If your legions of juiced-up minions don’t finish the game outright, you can often close out the game with the surprise damage of Soulfire (though sadly, the trusty Charge minion closer Doomguard has been moved to the Hall of Fame collection).

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The midrange is really just another way of saying ‘the midpoint between Aggro and Control.’ Your general strategy is to control the board early on with constant minion pressure and efficient minion trading (i.e. you kill a minion without losing your own), but you need to close out the game before things go too long and your cheap minions can’t compete with 9- or 10-mana minions and spells. Hunter excels at the Midrange archetype thanks to the powerful synergy of Beast minions, which are strong on their own but get even better when paired with Houndmaster and Kill Command. And with the two damage, a turn offered by Hunter’s Steady Shot hero power, you can directly snipe your opponent’s health to zero by the time they’ve assembled some defenses on the board.

You’re hoping to stick a Shimmerfly on turn one, which will refill your hand when it dies, playing strong minions or powerful spells every turn after to gain an early lead. Scavenging Hyena is a fantastic card in and of itself, but works even better when paired with a Springpaw that can instantly trade with an enemy minion and pump up your Hyena.

As the game goes on, you’ll need to estimate whether you should be using cards like Kill Command and Headhunter’s Hatchet to punch your opponent’s face and hopefully end the game quicker or eliminate some of their minions to make way for your own stampede of Beasts (like the 5/5 Rush minions summoned by Twinspell Unleash the Beast). This deck also creates some neat combo opportunities: Dire Frenzy is amazing on any of the beasts summoned by Animal Companion (especially Huffer), and the 2/2 Hyenas spawned by the Deathrattle on your Savannah Highman will also have Charge if you have a Tundra Rhino in play.

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Control decks excel when the game is in the later stages, as both players reach the 10-mana mark. When you have that much mana to work with, Control decks can dominate the pace of the game with their expensive cards – but they need to be able to stall the early game before Aggro and Midrange decks run them over. Playing Control decks on a budget can be difficult, as many Control decks heavily rely on a full suite of Legendary- and Epic-rarity cards for their power and consistency. But this Silence Priest is a fun take on totally outlasting any early aggression while you set up for a one-turn kill in the late game with an explosive multi-card combo.

During the first few turns, you’ll likely want to play Northshire Cleric and Acolyte of Pain so you can start drawing more cards and have more resources than your opponent. The exception is if you get some of your strongest minions, plus the means to silence them so you can actually swing with them.

Big minions like Ancient Watcher, Hench-Clan Shadequill, and Arcane Watcher have inherent drawbacks to offset their amazing damage and health stats – but if you silence them using Unsleeping Soul, Dalaran Librarian, or Silence, you can abuse their power level to make easy minion trades on board (then refill their health with a Circle of Healing) or smash your opponent’s face.

Silence (the card) is also great if your opponent has a minion you can’t deal with, or on a Witchwood Grizzly to instantly make a 3/12 powerhouse. Once you’ve got control of the board, you want to set up your big finish with the classic Inner Fire + Divine Spirit combo, which can create a gigantic minion that obliterates your opponent with a single swing.



Probably the best hearthstone decks 2022 were discussed in our article. If you believe that any other deck deserves a spot in our top hearthstone decklist then feel free to comment below and we’ll be happy to add it in our blog post. Meanwhile, we would also love to hear about hearthstone top decks’ descent of dragons and hearthstone deck’s rise of shadows along with hearthstoning top wild decks.

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