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14 Best Couchtuner Alternatives 2020 – Sites Like Couch-Tuner to Watch Series, Movies, TV Shows Online [100% Working] – Router Configuration Center

14 Best Couchtuner Alternatives 2020 – Sites Like Couch-Tuner to Watch Series, Movies, TV Shows Online [100% Working]

14 Best Couchtuner Alternatives for free streaming of your favorite movies and TV shows. Find Sites like icouchtuner.xyz, couch-tuner to watch tv series, seasons & movies online.

There is no better feeling than relaxing on a couch, after a long day of work or school, watching your favorite TV show or movie. In fact, during COVID-19 worldwide lockdown, It’s the best thing to keep ourselves entertained by watching movies and tv shows online. It’s always better to stay at home during the Coronavirus pandemic phase and watch our favorite TV shows. In the world, many people like to watch Internet Shows and Series Online or Offline. That’s why most people subscribe to payable media services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and other online sites. But, what about those people, who don’t like to subscribe or, Can’t buy these online streaming services due to lack of money nowadays?

Here’s the solution for them. Yes, they can easily watch free movies & tv series online. There are other online entertainment sites as well, which do not require any payments or subscriptions whatsoever. Some of these sites actually work with the same quality and efficiency as does the subscription ones. Among such sites, is the CouchTuner site. Many examples of couchtuner websites/proxies like; icouchtuner.xyz, couchtuner2, couchtuner rocks, couchtuner 2.0, couchtuner unblocked, couchtuner.eu, couchtuner.ag, couchtuner.ch, couchtuner cloud, & so on.

Meanwhile, It becomes so easy for everyone to watch the famous tv series/seasons/movies like; Game of Thrones (Especially Season 8 Episode 3), Shameless, Riverdale, Vanderpump rules, Brooklyn 99 (nine-nine), Arrow, Rick and Morty (Especially Season 3), Grey’s Anatomy, Modern family, The Flash, Startrek Discovery, It’s Always Sunny, Mr. Robot, American Gods, Power, WestWorld, Fear The Walking Dead, Rupaul’s Drag Race, The Good Doctor, Suits, Billions, Super Natural, Sillicon Valley, South park, Agents of Shield, Titans, Legion, New Girl, Bob’s Burgers, Jane the Virgin, Twin Peaks, The Challenge, The Magicians, Catfish, Archer, The 100, Broad City, Fresh Off The Boat, Big Little Lies, Vikings, Lucifer & so on in the list!

I know that you’re finding the Couchtuner Alternatives Sites in 2020. I hope this post will help you to find the Couchtuner Alternatives. You don’t need any subscriptions while using the given sites similar to Couch-Tuner.  So, here We’re updating the top 14 Best Couchtuner Alternatives. Carefully read this post to get to know about these Free Couch-tuner Alternatives websites.

Introduction to CouchTuner

Couch Tuner is an online site for streaming movies and TV shows. It provides entertainment content from major companies such as CW, DC Comics, CNN, among other major film companies. This is a site that is not known to the majority.

Top Best Couchtuner Alternatives

Best Couchtuner Alternatives

  • CoachTuner is a free online site and doesn’t require any subscriptions.
  • That’s why Content providing by Couch Tuner, is not hosted on CoachTuner’s actual servers. Rather, it works by providing efficient interfaces that allow a user to watch streamed shows and movies, hosted by third-party providers.

Why we need Couchtuner Alternatives?

At times, these third-party providers block the access of their content by external sites. This results in the inability of CouchTuner users to access the site.

In such cases, a CouchTuner user has two options to solve the problem.

  • First, the user can make use of a VPN service. The VPN service bypasses the content filter set in place, such that you can then access the site and stream content.
  • The second option, a better alternative, would be to use the availableCouchTuner Alternatives.

Couchtuner Alternatives – Sites Like Couchtuner

This article will help you establish the best CouchTuner Alternatives in April-May-June 2020. Below, you can check out the Apps and websites, which are alternatives to Couchtuner. It can be easily accessible using Android, iOS devices, and PC (Windows, Linux ), etc! So, make sure to read the post till the end to know about the Best Couchtuner sites or applications along with their Official links. These alternative movie streaming sites have already been reviewed and proven to be working 100%.

It’s the Top Couchtuner Site or APK’s. You can use that site to enjoy the best series, shows, and movies. Everyone likes to watch the Couchtu`ner Movies and other series on Couchtuner Alternatives. This is not a paid website to watch the series, shows, and movies. It is the free Couchtuner Alternatives. Let’s know more information about Couchtuner Alternatives.

1. Solar Movie

The solar movie is one of the best movie sites that can give the best experience. The experience it gives can be likened to that of CouchTuner. This site has got a list of all the movies and TV shows listed. It also has a well-designed user-interface that is simple. With this list, we are able to discover new and trending shows in the market. This site also allows you to give the rating to the movies and the TV shows that one watches.

With SolarMovie, one of the best movies streaming sites, it is possible to save interesting shows for later viewing, and make requests. Getting to this site is completely free and no personal information is needed. With solar movies, there are no files saved on the servers. This is so following the fact that the entertainment content is provided third party service providers, who are non-affiliated.


 It’s the great Couchtuner Alternatives. You can watch your favorite shows, series, and movies on SwatchSeries.to. This is the official site and Best Couchtuner Alternative. I know that many people like to watch and enjoy the Shows, Series, and movies so you need to open the swatch series.to site to enjoy your favorite shows, and series.

SwatchSeries official site: www.swatchseries.to

2. Putlocker

This is another alternative media site for CouchTuner. Just like CouchTuner, this online site requires neither registration nor subscription of any kind. Reviews have revealed Putlocker to be the best alternative for CouchTuner. This is because it is fast and links users to quality content.

The other advantage of the Putlocker site is that it has an active support forum. Here, you can request the operators for help in uploading and streaming content. This aspect makes this site easier to use.

Everyone is introducing to Putlocker and Putlocker is famous for the TV serials and also famous for the Movies. In case you already using the Putlocker website for watching your TV Serials and Movies, then enjoy your favorite shows. If you don’t know about the Putlocker, then you have open the official site of the Putlocker.

Putlocker Official site: putlocker.cl

3. Watch Series

This site is quite known by people and is very reliable. It provides entertainment content that features movies and TV shows. This site has a vast database, which makes the search for entertainment content much easier.

Watch Series also has a presentable appearance. It has an attractive layout. This layout makes it easier to navigate and search for content.

4. Tubi TV

This is one of the most popular Couchtuner Alternative 2020 Tubi TV. Open the Tubi TV for enjoying your favorite TV shows, series, and movies. Guy’s you like to watch the anime? Then you can also enjoy the anime only on Tubi TV. Friend’s, don’t worry you are not selecting the wrong website to watch the online shows and movies, because Tubi TV follows the legal rules and regulations for providing the shows, series, movies, anime, etc.

Tubi TV Official site: tubitv.com

5. Popcornflix

Guy’s I know that you are finding the best free Couchtuner website to watch the online TV Shows, Series, and Movies. So, the guy’s you have the best option to use Popcornflix. It’s one of the best sites is providing the TV Shows, Series, Movies, etc. By using the Popcornflix, you can easily enjoy your favorite shows and movies. You don’t have to pay any charges to watch the shows and series. It’s a free streaming site, so you can easily enjoy your favorite show and movies only on Popcornflix.

Popcornflix Official Site: www.popcornflix.com.

6. Cucirca

This online media site provides entertainment content that majors only on TV shows. Therefore, this site does not provide users with the opportunity to watch movies. It only shows TV shows. This would be most ideal for those who have lesser a thing for movies and more love for TV shows.

This fact, however, should not make you entirely dismiss this site. Cucirca has other added advantages. It is user friendly, easy, and simple to clean.

7. LookMovie

This media site also provides a user-friendly interface, just like most of the best CouchTuner alternatives. It provides two major categories on its homepage screen; movies category and TV shows category. These categories in turn provide a large database of content that the users can choose from. This content includes both older and recently added movies and TV shows.

Also, in the LookMovie site, a user can filter content depending on aspects such as the genre, release date, older and newer content. This makes it easier for users to navigate their search. It is indeed a good alternative for the CouchTuner site.

8. Global TV

Many peoples are using the Global TV website or App for watching the online shows, serials, movies, anime, etc. You are also a streaming lover and you are finding the streaming site for watching the shows and movies, then you have the best option to use Global TV. In case you worried for you have to pay any charges for using the Global TV, then I am telling you this is a free site to watch the movies and shows. You can easily visit the Global TV site by clicking on the below-given link.

The major advantage of this site is that it has a user-friendly interface, is presentable in appearance and clean. It has a wide range of TV shows content for those who are addicted to TV. It not only provides a large database for TV shows and episodes, but also the customers can enjoy streaming and watch even live channels.

The only demerit about the Global TV site is that it requires a user to create an account with the site. However, this account is free, so that would really not be a big issue for one to dismiss this site.

Global TV Official Site: www.globaltv.com

9. Daily TV Fix

This is just the ideal site for those who can’t survive a day without watching TV. Like the name suggests, Daily TV Fix online site fixes your daily urge to watch TV. It provides entertainment content ranging from the seemingly minor TV shows to the top trending movies and series. Movies and series can be searched by typing the keywords or using the site’s filter search.

The good thing about this site is that it includes the trending content on the homepage. This makes searching easier and simple. The site also has an open forum resembling a social media site. In this forum, users can socialize, make requests and discuss their favorite entertainment content,

10. NewEpisodes

You can enjoy your streams of TV Serials and shows series. In case you like to watch online TV shows and series, then you can easily enjoy only on NewEpisodes.co. The main benefit of using the site of the new episode is you can easily find the newly uploaded videos this week. You have an option to block the Ad. You can easily enjoy your favorite TV shows and series by clicking on the below-given link.

NewEpisodes Official Site: newepisodes.co

11. Movie Watchers

You are a movie lover and you like to watch a movie any time and you find the best alternative for watching the movies? Then you have the best option to use the www.moviewatchers.is site. It’s a free site of providing the best movies and shows free. So, you have the best option to watch a movie, then use it dearly.

Movie Watcher Official Site: www.moviewatchers.is

12. Sony Crackle

Crackle is providing the best movies, shows, series, etc in free. By following the legal rules and regulations. I know you have more options to use for watching movies, shows, and TV series but guys try the Sony Crackle site for watching the movies and shows.

Sony Crackle Official Site: www.sonycrackle.com

13. Dwatch Series

Enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies only on Dwatch Series. It’s the official streaming site of the Movie, TV Shows, and series. If you finding the best Couchtuner alternatives in 2020, then you have the best option to use the Dwatch Series. You can easily visit the site by clicking on the below-given link.

Dwatch Series Official Site: www.dwatcheries.org

14. Watch on Series

The best website for watching movies, TV Shows, and series in 2020 is www.watchonseries.com. You can easily enjoy the Movies, TV Shows, and Series in free only on the WatchonSeries site. You have the option to open the site by clicking on the below-given link.

Watch on Series official Site: www.watchonseries.com


I hope you liked to know about the Best Couchtuner Alternatives for the year 2020. You may have great love and addiction to the CouchTuner site. Indeed, this is so far the best streaming site of all time. However, sometimes things go wrong and CouchTuner doesn’t work out and show messages like ‘Couchtuner down’, ‘Couchtuner is not available’. During such times, you can always check out these CouchTuner alternatives provided in this article. That way, your entertainment time will never be disrupted by anything; you’ll always be in for real treats.

In case you want to know more information about the Best Couchtuner likewise sites, then you comment below to this post. We’ll try to review more sites and will add them to the above list. Also, make sure to bookmark this page to get the updated list of Couchtuner alternatives.

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