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Learn about IP address Admin Login, Password & User. Find devices using for Admin Router Access with the most common IPs.

The IP address is a private IP address which means it fits in the range of IP Addresses that are reserved from IANA as a private range. Generally, when we purchase a new router or modem they provide a username and password. This username and password will protect you from unnecessary connections. is the Private IP Address which is used to login to your network settings from an internet browser.

If you want to check whether is actually your IP address or not, then you may open Command Prompt. Use the command “ipconfig” and see for gateway IP there.

As we all know the Internet is the backbone of this current era and IP Addresses play a vital role in it while using the Internet to search for something. Now, for using the internet; you just need the IP by using the URL, You’ve to put this URL in the address bar of Chrome or any relevant browser.


You can access your admin page by typing into your web browser’s address bar, or click here: Access Your Admin Page is a PIA (private IP address), which is usually for use inside of a private network. This address can be used by routers, modems, and other IoT devices such as webcams and DVRs.

If you have got the knowledge about The IPv4 and the IPv6 networks; then you are probably going right about network specifications. There are specific IP address ranges decided which are usually used everywhere for these network configurations. Now, if you are using LANs (Local Area Networks) then it perfectly fits with it. You can use type of IP address in residential, offices, schools, colleges, bus stands, in big offices, enterprises, or Intranet.

Linksys first used the IP address, but since then it has found its use in various networking devices such produced by multiple corporations including that of Netgear, D-Link, Huawei, and many more.

It’s not mandatory for this IP to be set as the default address. Many corporations set the default access point as 192.168.I.254 to ensure an industry standard and to make it easier for users to set up the device and network at first boot up.] ADMIN LOGIN, PASSWORD, USER, IP (HTTP:// – GLOBE

Follow the instructions mentioned below in order to access your router login page:

  1. Click here (Link)
  2. You will be greeted with a Network login screen.
  3. Now enter your default username and password.
  4. If you cannot find your username and password, click here.
  5. Congratulations, now you can change your network settings.


Model Admin Username Admin Password Device Type
F2250 none none
F2250 modem
F2250 Manual wireless router, DSL modem
SE567 modem
[email protected] 1704 Manual admin admin modem
SE567 Manual wireless router, DSL modem
SpeedStream 4200 Generic admin none
SpeedStream admin DSL modem
SpeedStream 6520 Manual admin admin modem
SS2624 router
SS2623 admin router
SS2524 router
SS2524 wireless router
SS2623 Manual admin wireless router
SS2624 wireless router
SE587 WLAN DSL Manual admin admin wireless router, DSL modem
SpeedStream 6520 Manual admin wireless router, DSL modem
VAP11G Manual admin admin bridge


  • admin / admin
  • / admin
  • / admin
  • none / none
  • admin / none

Note: Empty Space before “/” represents that username field is to be kept blank, believe me, you, it works!

If any of the given combinations are not working then you may check this list default login passwords. One of the alternative ways to find Login credentials is checking your router’s manual where you can find the details easily.


To change the wifi password follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Log in to your router with the help of the above-mentioned IP addresses.
  2. Use the default credentials to log in.
  3. Go to Setup -> Wireless Security.
  4. Select Security mode (if you don’t know what you’re doing then leave it to default).
  5. Edit your pre-shared key (This is the wifi password).
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Go to management and select Reboot.
  8.  Wait for the process to complete.
  9. Congrats, you’ve successfully changed your wifi’s password.


You must know about the need of accessing the router admin panel through IP while using a verified and trusted Router at your end. As we all know Security is a must in this case and to make the network more secure, we need to access the Admin by using default Username and Password. To avoid any vulnerabilities, you make sure that the default username and password must be changed with a strong password. The recent technology named WPS can be helpful here to access the WiFi routers, which is available for many apps and services.

Have you checked: 192.168.l0.l

  • It may be used to rename the existing network ( to the desired one as per one’s convenience and wish.
  • Changing the WiFi password to suit your preference will enable you to access the WiFi network with much ease. Usually, the default WiFi password contains a combination of numbers and letters that is very random and hard to decipher. Sometimes, this fact makes it a bit difficult for even the owner to memorize.

For any more questions and queries, you can comment below and we’ll be really happy to help you out. You may also look at our other login IP addresses: 192.168.l00.1192.168.1.1, etc.
Thank you

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