Admin Login, Password, and IP 192.168.l.200 Admin Login, Password for your router at http //192.168.l.200 & 192.168.200. Find routers using the IP address include Linksys, TRENDnet, and Loopcomm networking devices.

In this blog, we have discussed various IP addresses. Today, we are writing a guide for Admin Login to help you with the Admin login, Username, and Password details. You can easily find the router login and password for your router or other devices on your network at in this article. Although this IP address is not as famous as some other:, and dynamic guest login it is used in the United States, India, Italy, and Spain. You can access the default gateway of your router with this IP address and it is unanimously accepted by the world as a private IP.

ABOUT IP ADDRESS IP is a Private Internet Protocol address that is generally used to communicate with other systems over the private networks. This 192.168.l.200 IP Address is mostly found and used on some localized local networks such as the home or some small offices. If you have ever read about ‘admin login.asp/aspx’, then it’s also the part of 192.168.200 IP Address in some cases. Whether we will talk about 192.168.200 or, 168/200 or, 192 168 1200, all these short IP addresses are related to the same IP. Some more examples related to IPs areas;

  • www
  • 192 168 200 8080
  • 192.168 l 200
  • 192.168.160
  • http //192.168.l.200
  • 192.168 168
  • 192.168.200.
  • 192.168 1.180
  • 192.168.160
  • 192.168.1200
  • 192.168.012
  • 192.168.172
  • 192.1681.200
  • 192.168.164
  • 192168.1.200
  • 192 168 200 8080
  • 192.168.018
  • localhost 9191 admin
  • 192 168 10000

& so on.


Some of the routers using the IP address include Linksys, TRENDnet, and

Loopcomm networking devices. This IP address falls within the range of to and is used by most of the home networks. Any device can be assigned the IP automatically on the local networks. ADMIN LOGIN TO LOGIN WITH ROUTER GATEWAY

Follow the steps mentioned below to login into your router gateway, if you face any problems then you can comment below and we’ll be glad to help you:

  1. Enter the IP address ( in your URL bar of any browser.
  2. Alternatively, you can click here.
  3. You’ll be greeted with a login screen where you are supposed to enter your id and password.
  4. If you haven’t changed your default login ID and password then try the below-mentioned credentials.
  5. Once entered, you can now access all your network settings.
  6. Some of the operations which we like:
    1. Mac filtering: Only enable white-listed devices to connect to your network
    2. Password Change: Forgot wifi password? Simply change it
    3. Network Protocol Settings
    4. Default login ID and password
    5. Default login IP: Here you can change your login IP from to any other more frequent IPs like
  7. Congratulations! You’re all set.


After extensive analysis, we have come to the conclusion that these below-presented router manufacturers are using as router login IP. There is a big chance your router company too, is listed among them. Just click the company name to view router models, router setup & configuration manuals, and more.

UsernamePasswordSuccess %

It is quite common that you may run into some error while trying to log in to your router’s gateway. If you’re using chrome, you may be greeted by the friendly dinosaur; we personally end up spending a lot of time playing that game.
However, the following can be the reasons if you’re not able to log in to or any of your routers with different IPs :

  • Your device is not connected to the network. Make sure that the device on which you are trying to access the router’s gateway is connected to the main network. If it is connected, but yet you’re facing problems then read further.
  • Your default IP address is not; it is quite common to not use the correct login Ip address as there are hundreds of them out there. So just make sure your router’s login IP is the one mentioned. You can cross-check by entering “ipconfig” in the command prompt and looking for Default Gateway IP.
  • Now the last point can be that you’re not using the correct Username and Password combination. If you’ve forgotten your login credentials then simply reset your router using this guide.


We explained everything steps by step which you need to do in order to achieve the Router gateway’s access. However, if you’re still unsure about anything then comment below and we’ll try to help you. Alternatively, you can refer to our other guides mentioned here and take a reference for your IP address.

Thank you!


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