& | Comcast Xfinity Router Login and How to access & If you’re trying to login to your router via but it is not working then the reason can be that your default router login IP is or instead. Follow our guide to know how to login to your router settings and make necessary changes to your network. Comcast is a very popular brand and they do provide a decent service. Hence, if you’re using Xfinity router then possibly this ip address will serve as router login for you. With the help of and, you can change your wifi password and various other network settings as mentioned below:

  • Network management options like LAN, WAN and WLAN settings
  • MAC
  • DSL
  • DHCP client
  • IP Qos
  • DNS and Proxy
  • Network Security options like passwords and encryption type Router Login :

Accessing your router interface settings is a simple task. All you need to do is enter the IP in the URL bar, press Enter and then use the default username and password to login to your network.

  1. Enter or, into your URL bar or, browser’s address bar. Or you can simply click
  2. A login page will be displayed where you’ll be asked to enter your username and password.
  3. If you encounter an error page then there’s a chance that is not your router’s default address.
  4. You can check our post on default IP addresses (to be published) for your router.
  5. Enter your Username and Password. If you don’t know then try entering “admin” as id and “password” as the password. Or you can check your default password from here.
  6. Once you’re logged in, you can customize your network settings according to your need. Router Login :

Now there is a possibility that wasn’t your default router IP and maybe is. Hence, follow the above-mentioned steps once more to log in. But this time replace with and you’ll be good to go!

Don’t know default Username and Password?

You may refer to the list of default username and password on the attached link to find the login credentials of and

Comcast Xfinity Router Login: login xfinity login Internet Protocol address is used in several wireless routers default IP addresses. Perhaps the most widespread wireless router using this Internet Protocol address is the company named Comcast Xfinity router.

If you’re their user then Good news! No need to go looking for default login IP, is the one for you. Just put that IP in URL bar and you’re good to go. One interesting thing to note is, that in order to edit your internet settings and to login to your routers management system, you don’t need an internet connection. Just be connected to your router either wirelessly or with a lan cable and you’ll be good to go!

How to get Xfinity Router Login page?

Before this, make sure you have your / login credentials ready (default or updated, depending on you).

  1. Now select your connection type (wired or wireless)
  2. If you are playing with wireless Xfinity router then connect to your wifi with the password.
  3. You can also use a LAN cable to connect to your router.
  4. Once your connection is successfully established, make sure your internet is working by opening random tabs.
  5. Now enter the default login IP address in the URL bar in order to visit the login window.
  6. Congratulations, you are at the Xifinity Login page for the router. If you faced any problem here or the IP address page is not loading then there is a chance you are not using the correct IP address.
  7.  Here you can perform Comcast Router Login.


We conclude that logging in and changing your routers setting is a fairly easy task. All you need is an IP, a username and a  password. However if is not working for you or you’re facing a specific problem then comment below and we’ll be happy to help! Also you can contact us via the contact page.

Summary & | Comcast Xfinity Router Login
Article Name & | Comcast Xfinity Router Login
Description & If you're trying to login to your router via but it is not working then the reason can be that your default router login IP is or instead.
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